#1257 WebHelp: If JS is disabled, start with the TOC pane hidden

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Stefan Hinz

If JavaScript is disabled, start with the TOC pane hidden. That is, do not display a TOC pane, but rather only the content pane. Navigation won't work in the TOC pane without JavaScript, nor will the search work (which can be accessed via the TOC pane).
Currently, without JavaScript, parts of the content pane even disappear under the TOC pane. This should be fixed ASAP.


  • David Cramer

    David Cramer - 2012-10-26
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • David Cramer

    David Cramer - 2012-10-26

    dcramer@anatine ~/docbook-open-repository/svn/trunk/xsl/webhelp
    $ svn diff
    Index: template/common/css/positioning.css
    --- template/common/css/positioning.css (revision 9636)
    +++ template/common/css/positioning.css (working copy)
    @@ -353,6 +353,8 @@
    border: 0px solid;

    +#sidebar { display: none }
    @media print {

    body * {

    dcramer@anatine ~/docbook-open-repository/svn/trunk/xsl/webhelp
    $ svn commit -m"Webhelp: Do not display sidebar if js is disabled in browser since it will not be functional" template/common/css/positioning.css
    Sending template/common/css/positioning.css
    Transmitting file data .
    Committed revision 9646.


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