#1238 Bad olinking when "chunk.first.sections" is 1

output: HTML
XSL (1066)


I use "olink"s in my document and found such an error:

My customization layer includes parameter "chunk.first.sections" with value - 1
When I try "olink" to first "section" of some "chapter" (or "appendix") I get wrong link, that leads to "chapter", but not to "section" wich identified with certain "id" attribute.

For example:

<!-- Targetting chapter -->


<section id="main_page">
<title>Main page</title>


When olinking from another chapter

<olink targetdoc="index" targetptr="main_page">Main page</olink>

After processing have link that opens chapter "Interface" (let's suppose it has name "сh01.html") instead of first section of this chapter "Main page" (let's suppose it has name "сh01s01.html")

Tech specific:

xslt processro - saxon 6.5.5
xsl-stylesheets - 1.76.1


  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2012-05-24

    Hmm, I'm not able to duplicate this problem. In all combinations of processors and parameter values, I cannot get an olink to 'main_page' section to resolve to 'ch01.html'. Can you attach a short sample document that illustrates the problem, and the target.db file that is produced when that document is processed?

    Also, which stylesheet are you using (html, xhtml, etc.)?

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2012-05-24
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bobstayton
  • Alexandr Shkurko

    Unable to reproduce. Please upload a test document and
    your customization layer (if any). Also, please post a
    description of your toolchain -- in particular, which
    XSLT engine and what version of that engine.

  • Alexandr Shkurko

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  • Alexandr Shkurko

    It seems I found reason of my problem:
    I used separate templates for making "html" and "targetdb", and they had different values of parameter "chunk.section.depth".
    Thanks for the help.


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