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Security Update - Version 0.9-rc1 released

Due to an possible XSS/Parameter-Injection we've fixed our files and all Users should soon update to the 0.9-rc1 Release.

Posted by Steffen Ille 2011-06-07

Older 0.7 Releases removed

Due to the new 0.9 branch we've decided to remove the (very old) 0.7x releases. Please use the newer ones instead.

Posted by Steffen Ille 2010-12-22

Version 0.9-rc0 released

This version fully supports project OGR-NG now.
Attention: If you update from previous versions, please also update/replace your settings.inc.php!

Posted by 7heW4yne 2010-11-20

Version 0.8-rc8 released

This version contains several smaller Bugfixes, but mainly it fixes known Errors with inlcude Paths on IIS Webservers. Thanks for the Bugreport and Troubleshooting to Randall Hose from Australia!

Posted by Steffen Ille 2010-09-28

Version 0.8-rc6 released

This version contains several Bugfixes, new menu entries and CPU/OS icons.

Posted by Steffen Ille 2009-12-16

Version 0.8-rc3 released

This version contains several mostly minor Bugfixes.

Posted by Steffen Ille 2009-12-15

Project moved to SourceForge

The DNET Live-Stats project moved from http://dnet.the-hall.info/ to SourceForge. Now we provide a more powerful possibility to get informed and download the newest stuff for that.

Posted by Steffen Ille 2009-12-15