DMTCP 2.4.0 released

Several important changes and enhancements were added:

  • dmtcp_launch/restart/command/coordinator now take the flags
    -h, -p, --coord-host/port and environment variables
    DMTCP_COORD_HOST/PORT. The older --host, --port, DMTCP_HOST/PORT
    are now deprecated.
  • Newer versions of MATLAB (matlab-2013 and later) were using additional
    Linux features. All recent versions of matlab are again supported.
  • Intensive testing done for integration of MPI/SLURM
    for the following MPI dialects: Intel MPI/MVAPICH-2/MPICH-2/Open MPI.
    See plugin/batch-queue/job_examples/ for SLURM/DMTCP submission scripts.
    Preliminary support for some other resource managers also provided,
    especially including ibrun.
    • Open MPI version 1.8 with InfiniBand is not yet supported.
      This is due to the OMPI use of UD (unreliable datagrams) for InfiniBand.
      Support is planned for the near future. Earlier OMPI versions continue
      to work with IB. We do not currently know of a config in OMPI-1.8 to
      avoid IB/UD (to use only IB/CM). Such a workaround would let DMTCP work.
  • Added support for newest Linux kernels: split of [vdso]
    into [vdso] and [vvar]; To see if this affects you, do:
    cat /proc/self/maps | grep '\[vvar]'
  • Support for glibc version 2.21 added. To see if this affects you, do:
    ls -l /lib*/ /lib/*/
  • The environment variable DMTCP_GDB_ATTACH_ON_RESTART was added. Setting
    this permanently is a security risk. But on a temporary basis,
    it can enable easier debugging of restarted processes:
    DMTCP_GDB_ATTACH_ON_RESTART=1 dmtcp_restart ckpt_a.out_*.dmtcp &
    gdb a.out `pgrep -n a.out`
  • Enhancements added for newer 32-bit ARM (armv7) CPUs
  • Experimental support is now provided for 64-bit ARM (armv8)
  • Bug fixes
Posted by Kapil Arya 2015-08-17

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