Hello, Julien.

Thank you for your feedback. SLURM plugin is pretty new and is under intensive testing now. It was implemented with OpenMPI in mind and may lack of generality. We definitely want to improove it to support more general case. Please check latest revision. Here is several notes:
1. Short option parsing wasn't considered, So I put this into the TODO list.
2. Launching jobs with srun also wasn't considered yet. We can add an argument to --rm option to force DMTCP to load a plugin and disable auto detection:
dmtcp_launch --rm slurm 
But I think that "srun dmtcp_launch --rm ./app" should work well. We use this trick to launch OpenMPI and MPICH applications with PMI interface. Actually PMI interface is one of the magor improvements that you can find in current SVN repo. You can cosider to use it in your application if you use custom (non MPI) parallel computations.

3. Consider to check <dmtcp-root>/plugin/batch-queue/job_examples/ directory for job script examples. They were widely tested on different clusters.

If you will still have problems you can create me tester account on your cluster and will try to find best solution in place.

2014-03-06 21:57 GMT+07:00 ADAM Julien <julien.adam@cea.fr>:
Ok, I'll check new correction in svn repo by next week and I will feed you back.
Thanks for your fast answer !

On 03/06/14 15:52, Kapil Arya wrote:
Hi Julien,

Thanks for writing to us. I am CC'ing Artem who implemented the
batch-queue plugin. He also made a lot of changes recently to the
batch-queue plugin in the svn trunk. I believe he also added a bunch
of helper scripts, etc. to use DMTCP with slurm. Can you checkout the
latest svn trunk and see if some of the helper scripts are useful for

In any case, Artem, can provide you with better answers.


On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 9:12 AM, ADAM Julien <julien.adam@cea.fr> wrote:
Hi Team,

Me and my team are using your tool to checkpoint our applications. But, we
have encountered some issues.
There are no problems when we use DMTCP to checkpoint local-running apps.
However, on clusters, we have some issues and we haven't figured out a
solution yet :

First of all, here is our environment:
- We have a sample application, which simply indefinitively increments a
counter, sleep one second and displays it at each loop step (not really
- We use DMTCP 2.0 and 2.1, according to the used cluster (most of DMTCP
tests are performed using DMTCP 2.1)
- We use SLURM as job manager to send our jobs on clusters (salloc, sbatch,
srun and so on).
- We have two prompts, one running dmtcp_coordinator and the other one
launching the command.

First little thing about SLURM issues is how DMTCP parses SRUN command when
exec() functions are overrided. Only long-format options are detected and
not short-format ones. Thus, when we use "srun -N 1 ./a.out", DMTCP believes
"1" is the application name and we get "srun -N dmtcp_launch <options> 1
./a.out" command. (it's not a big deal but it's a good thing to know before
using it)
The second one is how SLURM plugin is loaded. DMTCP checks if some SLURM
environment variables are set before loading. The issue is when we use DMTCP
to launch SRUN without have a SLURM environment. Thus, plugin SLURM is not
loaded and it's unable to checkpoint applications over the job manager.
Instead of using SRUN directly, we currently decided to use SBATCH instead,
as you have written down in your documentation. So, would it be possible to
use SALLOC instead of SBATCH (in order to keep interactive mode)? Moreover,
if we attempts to launch jobs like : "salloc -N 1 dmtcp_launch <options>
srun --nodes=1 ./a.out", we have the following error :

[46000] ERROR at fileconnlist.cpp:363 in processFileConnection;
      path = /proc/self/fd/socket:[132529151]
Message: Unimplemented file type.
tmp (46000): Terminating...

Finally, on SLURM using, we launch our job like :


dmtcp_launch <options>


srun <options>


When we do like that, checkpointing seems to be good (even in
--enable-debug, no particular warnings), but, on restart, we get the
following output (and the application stops):

[45000] TRACE at pid.cpp:121 in openSharedFile; REASON='_real_open: '
      strerror((*__errno_location ())) = File exists
      fd = -1
[45000] ERROR at pid.cpp:130 in openSharedFile; REASON='JASSERT(false)
      name =
      strerror((*__errno_location ())) = Bad file descriptor
Message: Cannot open file
bash (45000): Terminating...

In case of "no-ideas", we'll provide you complete logs and backtraces.

Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations for what you have made
so far :)


Julien Adam
Information Systems Engineering student

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