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Now control your cursor by moving hand in air in front of your CAMERA!!!!

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DMouse’s Birth:

I always thought how do these computer geeks work with image processing and was eagerly waiting for this subject throughout my career .My liking towards this subject is also but obvious because I believe that if god can create human beings like us ,give us brains faster than core-i7,eyes having resolution far more than 12MP, than at least as a human being I am able to provide some intelligence to any machine.
I remember on incident of some robbery happened in our neighborhood when I was in 5th semester, at that time it clicked in my mind -if there were a camera mounted on the vault then it would have detected the missing ornament just by subtracting the two images-before and after. But 5th semester was too early for that and I wondered if such a thing might be practically possible.
Finally it was possible on the day I met the ultimate software-MATLAB, I have to admit here-”Its capabilities are out of this world”. Just think of doing any damn thing with your computer and it will do it for you, from complex calculations to controlling devices at your home, just everything.
I still remember how I spent mine 5-6 hours searching on internet about getting an image out of any camera in software with help of programming. And when I found the thing I made my first image processing program-”Thief finder”.
What I did was just getting one image than wait for one second and then get another image. If the difference between the two images is beyond some limit than play a large sound else it remains-”Keep finger on your lips”.
if a-b=2 then silent
if a-b>50 then roar.... read more

Posted by Dhaval Palsana 2011-11-05 Labels: dmouse

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