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dlhttpd / News: Recent posts

Subversion is up!

From now on, the project switches from CVS to Subversion. All data was already migrated... Hope everything is ok, and let's get back to work!

Posted by Renato Nunes Bastos 2006-04-02

NewWay B3 - now available!

The newest release of DLHHtpd (0.6.3) is now available for download.

Some bugs were fixed, and now the webserver accepts the method HEAD and new errors codes...


Posted by Renato Nunes Bastos 2004-06-25

DLHttpd 0.6.2 is avaiable

"NewWay =+ 2;" is available for download today!

A 'better doc', a new organization, makig your main folder a bit more clean, new demo site, and new layout for directory listing are the main changes for this new release.

Also, you don't need to deal with code or copying files to a folder to another anymore. just unzip and run! :)

Have fun!

Posted by Renato Nunes Bastos 2004-06-01

"NewWay Extended" is out!

"NewWay Extended" (dlhttpd 0.6.1) is now available for download.

Some minor changes were done, like the possibility of compression "on the fly" of data sent from the webserver to the client, the handling of NPH-scripts and any other unix-like script (bash scripts!), and a new README.TXT - very important!


Posted by Renato Nunes Bastos 2004-05-04

Release 0.6 - NewWay!

NewWay is the alias of Release 0.6, the newest release of DLHttpd availabe for download.

Go ahead, grab your copy and send us your bugs/suggestions/critics.

This new release has the first base for CGI scripts (Perl!), new architecture, fully XML-based, and other stuff.

Have fun!!!

Posted by Renato Nunes Bastos 2004-04-14

Release 0.5.4

New release is available for download. New changes in the config file make it possible for you to configure any default-file for a website (affecting this config to any folder in it). HTTPS is available now!

Next release will probably have an XML config file!

Posted by Renato Nunes Bastos 2004-03-26

dlhttpd first public release...

The dlhttpd project is proud to announce the first public release of dlhttpd, dlhttpd-0.5.0 (Genesis). dlhttpd is a Java powered open source webserver released under the BSD license. The code is still beta quality, but nevertheless it could be useful for setting up a quick web site.

Go ahead and give it a try today. You should be able to have it up and running in a matter of minutes. It's that easy to install.

Posted by Darren L. LaChausse 2002-09-10