#9 linux defines not correct


man pages and binaries are installed as root:root in linux

/usr/share/man is the standard location for man pages

patch as attached.

FYI - dkim-milter-1.3.0 now distributed with gentoo.


  • Anonymous - 2007-10-10

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    I have to submit these back to the people who maintain devtools, which in turn affects more than just dkim-milter; devtools is used by open source sendmail and all of our commercial products as well.

    Also, did you mean 2.3.0? There was never a 1.3.0.

  • Anonymous - 2007-10-10
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    • milestone: --> v2.3.0
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  • Anonymous - 2008-01-11

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    Do all (or most) Linux distributions follow that publication? If so, I can justify having it changed across all of our open source products.

    The only issue is that the "devtools" included here is the same as the one included for open source sendmail, so I can only make the change at a time that fits in with their releases, etc. (or make a private branch which is a bit of a hassle to maintain).

    So until one of those is done, you can just make those changes in your site.config.m4.

  • Anonymous - 2008-01-14

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    I think the devtools maintainers will be fine with this change given this additional information. They just want to be sure this will improve life for a majority of Linux users, and I suspect this will succeed in assuring them of such.

    The only other issue is that they "own" devtools, not me, and it's part of the open source MTA package, so this change won't be visible in dkim-milter releases until the next major release of the sendmail MTA.

  • Daniel Black

    Daniel Black - 2008-01-15

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    thanks for passing this on and describing the release cycle for it.

  • Anonymous - 2009-06-01
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