I apologize for taking so long to get back to all of you, and again, thank you for your efforts. I tried Ben's suggestion as well as the patch provided by Murray - neither did the trick. So, how did i manage to correct this? well i re-extracted the archive, and went through the dkim-filter/Makefile.m4 carefully, and discovered i could build the milter with no problems until i enabled -D_FFR_ANTICIPATE_SENDMAIL_MUNGE option. Even with the supposed variable mispelling (which by the way i am unconvinced its wrong looking through the dkim-milter.c source). So i have all FFRs enabled but the above and the -D_FFR_VERIFY_DOMAINKEYS, and of course the -DNO_SMFI_INSHEADER - i always left these latter two disabled, Other than that i made no other changes from my original build attempts that i posted the error from.

Thanks again for the help. The build appears to be at least working, though i need to complete my testing.
Michael Weiner