When relaxed body canonicalization is adopted, in case of body with only empty lines[more than 1], all these empty lines will be removed [as acc. to RFC , all the trailing empty lines need to be removed] and the body is signed.[Basically a body hash for 0 length is generated]. Am i right??

I made use of dkim-milter to sign mails. When my body of the mail has only empty lines, libdkim signs the body for CRLF character (l=2), in case of relaxed canonicalization. Is this the expected behaviour ?

Please help me in this issue.

Deiva Shanmugam

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Hi Deiva,
At 03:32 09-06-2009, deiva shanmugam wrote:
>The headers that are being signed are:


>Subject :Space after colon

I guess you mean space before the colon.

>The DKIM-Signature generated:
>DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;

As the canonicalization is relaxed, the space will be removed.

>Observation: When the headers are signed using relaxed
>canonicalization, the Verification status by Gmail - "hardfail" and
>AOL - "Fail".
>If simple canonicalization is observed,then successful verification
>by Gmail and AOL.

That points to a problem when using relaxed canonicalization.

Can you send me a DKIM-signed email to demonstrate the above problem off-list?



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