On 18/01/2010 8:18 PM, Erik Lotspeich wrote:

It is unfortunate that OpenEMM has a built-in sendmail.  I definitely
agree with SM that this is better handled at the MSA.
Yep, that would indeed be wonderfully easy. ;-)

That being said, my dkim-verify isn't exactly a "popular" open-source
program and you may have been the first person who has actually tried to
build it (besides myself)!
There are some people besides me who have tried to get OpenEMM mailings DKIM-signed, without much success. Maybe your tool would come in handy for those admins, too. I'll certainly recommend it on the OpenEMM board if it helps me. :-)

I run Slackware 12.1 with gcc 4.2.3.  What version of gcc are you using?
  Are you running on Linux, or another Unix platform?  What version of
dkim-milter are you running?
We run Ubuntu 8.04 with gcc 4.2.4.

The required libraries mentioned in your README have the following versions:

libdkim   - 1.0.14-1
libxerces - 2.8.0-2
libssl    - 0.9.8
libbind   - 9.4.2

pthreads seem to be supported by my standard gcc distribution. Here's what 'apt-cache pthread' says:

libpthread-stubs0-dev - pthread stubs not provided by native libc, development files

I've installed the stubs package, too. Its version number is 0.1-2.

I'd definitely like to help..
Thanks again!