Hello David,
Thanks for the response.
Actually, we want to sign them so that yahoo/gmail etc..don't consider them spam.
I've already disabled personalization to ensure that header or message is not modified.
Yahoo header message says, domainkeys=fail (bad syntax) to such emails coming from outside domain.
If sender email address is from same domain, it says domainkeys=pass.
Any suggestions?
Thanks again for your time.
- Bob.
On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 9:36 PM, David Gibbs <david@midrange.com> wrote:
bob 001 wrote:
> Why would it not accept email as valid when it is coming from outside
> domain.

Sounds like you don't have Mailman configured to remove the existing
dkim headers.  The DKIM headers are being left intact, so anyone trying
to validate the signature will detect a failure because the message is
being modified by Mailman.

Investigate the REMOVE_DKIM_HEADERS setting in Mailman ... that's
probably what you need.


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