Hello there,
For some unknown reason, previous email didn't go through. So, sending another one..

Can someone help me on this issue?
mailing list has two types of email members.
1. Email addresses on the same server where postfix, mailman, dkimproxy lives.
2. Email addresses on gmail/yahoo etc.
Now, whenever email goes to mailing list from type 1 users (whose email address is on same server), it says dkim=pass.
However, whever there is an email from type 2 users (gmail/yahoo account holders) to the mailinst list, it says dkim=fail.
Why would it not accept email as valid when it is coming from outside domain.
What should I change to have cleanup of client signature and put our header on those emails (I mean, if that is the issue).
Looking for some guidance on this complex issue.
Please help.
- Regards,