I upgraded my sendmail to 8.13.0 for milter capability, and built dk-filter v0.2.3 and when i go to test signing i see the following in the maillog:
Oct 29 13:33:51 ag250 dk-filter[15213]: <unknown-msgid> external host localhost attempted to send as ffje.com
Oct 29 13:33:51 ag250 sm-mta[15212]: i9THXpj6015212: Milter insert (1): header: X-DomainKeys: Sendmail DomainKeys Filter v0.2.3 (unknown host) <unknown-msgid
i am starting dk-filter as follows:
/usr/bin/dk-filter -l -h -p inet:8891@localhost -A -l -c simple -d ffje.com -D -i /etc/mail/ilist -h -u domainkeys -m MTA,TLSMTA,MSA
and have my internal IPs in the ilist, but still get the errors. Any ideas on what to look at?
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