I am wondering why my signature is not working, I am not understanding how to fix this issue.

Ms. Satcher-Courtney

--- On Thu, 19/6/08, SM <sm@resistor.net> wrote:
From: SM <sm@resistor.net>
Subject: Re: cannot get signature to work...
To: "General discussion and usage issues" <dk-milter-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net>
Date: Thursday, 19 June, 2008, 3:47 PM

At 12:33 19-06-2008, Matt Greco wrote:
>...my guess is that its because for some reason dk-milter is 
>inserting line breaks in the middle of the the signature itself (see 
>below, note the \n\t several times inside the b parameter). 
i'm not 
>sure how to verify, but i'm guessing that if you check it with those 
>\n\t sequences removed, the signature would pass (when i look at
>headers in yahoo they just show up as one white space).

The "line breaks" (\n\t) are correct.  The line wrapping
won't affect 
signature verification.

I don't see anything wrong from the log entries you provided.  Can 
you send me a DK-signed message off-list?


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