Compile error

  • Rodrigo A B Freire

    Hello, I'm trying to compile dk-milter 0.3 and I'm getting this error:

    The system (as you may notice in URL) is a FreeBSD 4.3, sendmail 8.13.4.

    Making in /usr/hdnova/src/sendmail-8.13.4/dk-milter-0.3.0/obj.FreeBSD.4.3-RELEASE.i386/dk-filter
    cc -O -I. -I../../include  -I../libdk/ -DSTARTTLS -DSM_CONF_POLL=1 -D_THREAD_SAFE-DXP_MT -c util.c
    util.c: In function `dkf_inet_ntoa':
    util.c:571: syntax error before `addr'
    util.c:575: `addr' undeclared (first use in this function)
    util.c:575: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    util.c:575: for each function it appears in.)
    *** Error code 1

    Stop in /usr/hdnova/src/sendmail-8.13.4/dk-milter-0.3.0/obj.FreeBSD.4.3-RELEASE.i386/dk-filter.
    *** Error code 1

    Any hint?

    • Anonymous - 2005-05-18

      FreeBSD 4.3 may not have defined the "in_addr_t" type.

      You can try changing that string to "u_int32_t" and see if that works.  Unfortunately I don't have a 4.3 machine here where I could test it.

      If that doesn't work, "unsigned long" should do the trick.


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