New utility: fi_minidjvu v1.0 ( + FreeImage)

  • monday2000

    monday2000 - 2009-11-03

    I made a new console utility: **fi_minidjvu v1.0**.

    This is a Win32-only command-line utility. It is minidjvu-0.8 with support.

    fi_minidjvu uses FreeImage library to open more than 30 graphical formats
    (e.g. all the FreeImage-supported formats).

    fi_minidjvu requires the freeimage.dll library for its operation.

    Like minidjvu v0.8 fi_minidjvu v1.0 supports the multypage TIFs (in this
    case the command line must contain only one TIF file - a multypage one).

    Like minidjvu v0.8 fi_minidjvu v1.0 accepts only the black-and-white
    (1-bit) images and encodes them to DjVu (single- or multypage DjVu).

    In other words fi_minidjvu v1.0 is exactly the same as minidjvu v0.8 except
    for the ability to open all the FreeImage-supported formats.

    fi_minidjvu v1.0 was compiled in MS Visual C++ 6.0.

    mi_minidjvu v1.0 = minidjvu v0.8 +

    **Download:** (471 KB)

    **Sourcecodes:** (86 KB)

  • Syafz

    Syafz - 2011-10-11

    thanks a lot! monday2000



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