tiff to djvu?

  • R. Keith Dennis

    R. Keith Dennis - 2003-09-05

    Is there any software (source code) available
    to convert tiff directly to djvu?  Using tifftopnm
    from Netpbm and then cjb2 seems to be a bit slow,
    so presumably doing it all in one step would be
    an improvement.  Would using the functions from
    libtiff with the source of cjb2 be a reasonable
    way to proceed?

    I'd of course be happy to find out that this has
    already been done & that the code is readily

    • R. Keith Dennis

      R. Keith Dennis - 2004-04-03

      Source for a modified version of cjb2 that
      will directly convert tiff to djvu has been
      submitted under patches.  It requires the use
      of libtiff.

      Conversion from tiff directly to djvu is several
      times faster than converting from pnm to djvu.

      It's available under GPL.


    • Leon Bottou

      Leon Bottou - 2004-04-09

      This will be in djvulibre-3.5.13.

    • Tarik Tutuncu

      Tarik Tutuncu - 2008-02-28

      but this way it asks for a bitonal form. My TIFF document is sometimes gray-scaled and sometimes colored. How do I convert this?


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