Feature request: Unicode file names

  • Maurizio M. Gavioli


    I browsed the forums but I found no mention of a feature, still surprisingly missing in DJView 4.

    If a file name is given (either by file double click or by using the "File | Open" menu) which contains non-Latin1 chars, DJVu4 fails.

    As the DJVu format is very used in China, I have lots of DJVu files which cannot be open. Time to support Unicode?



    P.S.: I'm not from China, but I work with files from China.

    • Leon Bottou

      Leon Bottou - 2009-08-17

      Should work now.
      See "DjVuLibre+DjView-3.5.22+4.5-Setup.exe" on the sourceforge download page

    • Leon Bottou

      Leon Bottou - 2009-08-07

      Unicode file names work perfectly here (Linux Ubuntu hardy with djview 4.5).
      Can you give some additional details ?

    • Maurizio M. Gavioli

      Ooooopps, sorry! I use DJView 4.5 (the latest stable) under Windows XP, no luck here.

      I'll try to port all my DJView-related stuff under Ubuntu (I have jaunty, but it should not make a difference, would it?).

      And by the way, thanks for your very fast answer (which cannot be said of my own!).


      • Leon Bottou

        Leon Bottou - 2009-08-16

        I believe I now understand the origin of this problem...

  • Bruce Rusk

    Bruce Rusk - 2010-03-03

    It still doesn't work, using the latest version from the download page (WinXP
    Pro SP3 US English). The files work fine once renamed to an all-ASCII
    filename, but cannot open with a name containing Chinese characters.

  • Leon Bottou

    Leon Bottou - 2010-03-03

    Unable to replicate.
    I can open a file named "汉字.djvu" under both Windows and Linux.
    I just tried with File->Open on Vista Home Premium, US, up-to-date.
    - L.

  • Bruce Rusk

    Bruce Rusk - 2010-03-03

    Okay, I played around with it a bit and discovered that I can open a file
    with characters in the title from DjVuLibre. What doesn't work is opening it
    from within Explorer (e.g. by double-clicking the filename). A small window
    flashes for a moment with the title "Opening DjVu file" then closes, but the
    program doesn't open. So I guess the issue is in the shell handler.

  • Bruce Rusk

    Bruce Rusk - 2010-06-27

    Another area in which non-ASCII filenames are not working: Export As PDF fails
    ("System Error: Invalid Argument") with a filename containing Chinese

  • Leon Bottou

    Leon Bottou - 2010-07-04

    This windows specific problem is now fixed in CVS.
    Now this is a matter of recompiling the windows version and rereleasing.


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