Extract a sub djvu file of multiple pages

  • Tim

    Tim - 2011-09-10

    GIven a djvu file of multiple pages, how can I extract a sub djvu file that
    consists of only a subset of multiple pages? For example, a djvu file has 10
    pages, and I would like to extract a new djvu file consisting of page 3-6 of
    the original djvu file.

    Can it be done with some commands of djvulibre, such as djvused, djvm, …?

    Thanks and regards!

  • Tim

    Tim - 2011-09-10

    Added: Consider two cases, extract without and with removal of pages from the
    original djvu file.

  • dtic

    dtic - 2012-03-26

    I'm also looking for help on this topic. DjvuExtract sounds like the tool to
    use but I can't get it to export anything. The syntax "djvuextract.exe
    C:\test.djvu" does not output the first page of the multi page djvu file
    test.djvu even though the syntax example says that it should as far as I can
    see. If DjvuExtract can extract a subset of pages then please provide a few
    syntax examples.


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