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djview - missing ddjvuapi

  • myiagros

    myiagros - 2010-07-20

    I'm trying to get djview installed for a co-worker but I am having trouble
    with the configuration step. I installed qt4 from the qt-everywhere open
    source package which allowed me to get past the qt4 step.

    When running ./configure for djview4-4.5:
    checking for ddjvuapi… not found by pkg-config
    configure: error: Cannot find required package ddjvuapi.

    Is this dependency supposed to come from another package or is it separate
    from djview, qt4, and djvulibre-3.5.22 which I have also installed?

  • Dehua Kang

    Dehua Kang - 2011-03-30

    Hi you must install divulibre-3.5.24 , it is must above 3.5.18 .the default
    directory for libre is /usr/lical/lib and /usr/local/include/djvu. so you must
    make a link in the directory of /usr/lib and /usr/include just like this:
    cd /usr/include and ln -s /usr/local/include/libdjvu libdjvu
    cd /usr/lib and ln -s /usr/local/lib/
    before configure you can use:pkg-config -libs ddjvuapi
    and you can export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
    then ./configure if you use bash shell.


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