How to combine djvu files

  • Berel perel

    Berel perel - 2009-08-03

    How can I combine 200 djvu files? Thanks.

    • f_noel

      f_noel - 2009-08-12

      What I currently do is combine maybe 10 single page files like this at a command prompt:

      djvm -c pg-10.djvu pg-1.djvu pg-2.djvu pg-3.djvu pg-4.djvu pg-5.djvu pg-6.djvu pg-7.djvu pg-8.djvu pg-9.djvu pg-10jvu

      Then combine those files again like this:

      djvm -c pg-10~20.djvu pg-10.djvu pg-20.djvu

      I would think that there should be a way to enter a range or use wild cards, but I couldn't figure or find any. This method works but is tiresome/time consuming...

      Don't know much about XP, but using my old WinNT you will run into limitations with command line length if you try to adding too many at one time.

    • Berel perel

      Berel perel - 2009-08-03

      Btw I use Xp and have WinDjView installed.

  • dott

    dott - 2009-10-10

    I use a Batch script(.bat) but it has limitations, depending of the number
    of pages you want to bundle, it slows down ~~geometrically
    <p>80 pages(~110Kb) took ~20 secs
    <p>200 pages ~3,5 min
    <p>600 pages ~30 min

    @echo off

    :backup pag. 1
    copy p_001.djvu p_001.djvu.back
    ren p_001.djvu document.djvu

    :add. pag_2…..pag_n
    for %%F in (p_*.djvu ) do djvm -i document.djvu "%%F"

    :restore pag. 1
    ren p_001.djvu.back p_001.djvu</code></pre>

    When the number of pages is large (>300 ) is less time/RAM consuming
    write a .bat with all the pages.

    'djvm -c document.djvu p_001.djvu p_002.djvu p_003.djvu p_004.djvu
    p_005.djvu p_006.djvu p_007.djvu …………………………………….P_nnn'

  • Syafz

    Syafz - 2011-10-11

    how to combine 200 djvu on linux?


  • Alvaro Geovany Ramírez Uribe

    jajajjaja...batch scripts???? by packs??? come on use this:

    Install djviewlibre
    cmd for command windows.
    Goto djview installation folder cd %programfiles(86)%\djvuzone\djvulibre <-- check for your location, if you

    command you will find djvm.exe

    Now do this command:
    djvm.exe -c Mylocation\new.djvu Mysource\files*.djvu

    where Mylocation is the folder c:\myfiles (example) where you have write permitions
    and MySource\files is the folder where the files are located. This will output a single file with all the pages inside...

    I did that with a 600 files and take less than 5 secs.

    Last edit: Alvaro Geovany Ramírez Uribe 2013-02-05

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