djatoka v1.1 Now Available

* New Features
- Added Scaling Support
+ New OpenURL Service Format Parameter: "svc.scale"
- Added JPX compositing layer extraction support (i.e. access to JPX frames)
+ New OpenURL Service Format Parameter: "svc.clayer"
+ Perform all djatoka functions on individual compositing layers
+ JPX compositing layer compression is not currently supported.
- Added JP2 XML Box Support
+ New OpenURL Service: info:lanl-repo/svc/getJP2XML
+ Wraps JPEG 2000 XML Box records in a XML Schema defined wrapper schema
- Dynamic Database IReferentResolver Implementation using JBDC/DBCP; DatabaseResolver
- Remote Referent (e.g., http & ftp) Access Controls
* Enhancements
- Solaris-x86 Kakadu Binaries
- Enhanced Windows Batch Files
- Extended TIFF Input Support (e.g., CCITT/LZW/PB)
- New info:lanl-repo/svc/ping Service to see if resource is available and ready
- Multi-file Input Compression Support
- Improved Logging Support
- Improved InputStream Support
- Improved Tile Caching Logic
- Now accepts a wider range of possible JPEG 2000 file extensions
- DjatokaImageMigrator now checks to see if bitstream is JP2 compatible if an file extension is not found.
- Improved KduExtractExe & KduCompressExe handling of InputStreams
- Improved Region Out of bounds handling

Posted by Ryan Chute 2009-05-11

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