Hi all, 

We use a set of kakadu switches that work well for jpeg2000 viewing using our Djatoka/OpenLayers viewer. 

The lossy jpeg2000 conversion line using kdu_compress is as follows: 

kdu_compress -i input.jpg -o output.jp2 -rate 0.5 Clayers=1 Clevels=7 "Cprecincts={256,256},{256,256},{256,256},{128,128},{128,128},{64,64},{64,64},{32,32},{16,16}" "Corder=RPCL" "ORGgen_plt=yes" "ORGtparts=R" "Cblk={64,64}" Cuse_sop=yes

This was from a recommendation for IIPViewer found here: http://help.oldmapsonline.org/jpeg2000/

We're looking for an equivalent set of parameters using imagemagick, but the command options don't all seem to line up. The available encoding options are located here: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/jp2.php

Any help or input from someone with experience would be appreciated. 

Kris Bulman
Digitization, UPEI