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SourceForge has added another great Hosted App: WordPress. We'll be using this as a general news, updates, and discussion blog for DIYG projects. The default project news page will continue to exist but only be used for major updates.

So check it out at

Posted by Andrew Stewart 2009-04-07

DIYA: A bacterial annotation pipeline for any genomics lab

DIYA has been published as a bioinformatics note in Oxford Bioinformatics.

A big thanks to everyone who has been involved in its design, development, and testing.

Posted by Andrew Stewart 2009-03-10


Slightly old news, but I neglected to mention it here. Since sourceforge has decided to include Trac among their offering of hosted-apps, we've switched away from MediaWiki (which is great, but a bit overkill for this operation) and gained not only a decent wiki, but a superbly integrated bug tracker, version control visualizer, project manager and task organizer. Go check it out under the Hosted Apps tab, or just click on Summary -> Website.

Posted by Andrew Stewart 2009-02-20

New (Media)Wiki installation

Sourceforge now offers MediaWiki as a 'Hosted App'. Very cool. We'll be using this to replace the default wiki as a source for documentation and discussion on DIYG projects. One of the first uses for this will be documenting DIYA, including examples of pipeline configurations. Please join in.

Posted by Andrew Stewart 2008-09-18

diya-1.0 release

We're happy to announce to the first full release of DIYA. Many thanks to Brian Osborne for putting together this release.

Posted by Andrew Stewart 2008-08-27

First update

Being that it's been sometime that this project was actually started with no real activity, it's about time for an update. SAP-0.3.0, soon to be known as DIYA, should be up soon. Two new mailing lists have been created for public and developer discussion. CVS/SVN haven't been set up yet, nor has it been decided which one to go with (or both?). Finally, discussions between myself, Tim Read and Mike Cariaso have lead to an idea for a project that represents DIYG as a whole: a "biolinux" style distribution consisting of several common bioinformatics tools/libraries in addition to DIYG tools/libraries pre-installed (perhaps including some NCBI databases as well, ie Protein Clusters db), all existing in the form of an ISO image that can either be burned to a disk or used to seed a virtual machine on anything from an in-house server to possibly even an FLX machine itself. Come join the mailing lists to discuss this.

Posted by Andrew Stewart 2007-12-10

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