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#19 All units must have common mode control


It doesn't make much sense to have one unit in the
house to run in cooling mode, and another in heating -
too many variables have to be taken into account in
order to prevent them fighting with each other.
Therefore, the HVAC mode control should be eliminated
from the HVAC panel in the Console, and moved into
another tab - "Preferences" or "Global".


  • Vadim Tkachenko

    Vadim Tkachenko - 2003-05-09
    • milestone: --> Production Showstopper
  • Vadim Tkachenko

    Vadim Tkachenko - 2003-12-24

    Logged In: YES

    The bug is fixed "as is", i.e. all the units now have common
    mode control. However, the other question is - what if one
    wants to shut off one or more of the units, and keep the
    rest running? Theoretically, the system should figure this
    out if all the zones for a given unit are disabled, but it's
    not clear whether it is a good choice from the practical

  • Vadim Tkachenko

    Vadim Tkachenko - 2003-12-24
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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