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We're number two

In the weeks since our first release was made we have seen a surge in popularity of the DixShtix Midi Project. Release 0.2 will feature important tools for the creation of MIDI and NIFF files from the command line, or, since this is a library, from your code.

MIDI and Java are becoming increasingly linked as adoption of the JDK 1.3 is nearly universal. But the world of music theory and music notation is not well-understood by most programmers. Please post your comments on our Public Forums or Take our survey to help align the direction of this project with the needs of the community.... read more

Posted by Richard C. Penner II 2001-09-29

MIDI/NIFF Version 0.1 Released

Sound, Music Notation and MIDI, in a Java package for JDK 1.2 and higher.

Learn about Intervals, Scales, and Notations related to pitch. Handle SMF/RIFF/NIFF/AIFF/AVI/MOV on a common platform. Manipulate Standard Midi Files, (Musical) Notation Interchange File Format (NIFF) Files, and SMDL files. Work with scores for piano, organ, harp, guitar in notation musicians understand.

These are the goals of the DixShtix - Java Music Library project at SourceForge.net. ... read more

Posted by Richard C. Penner II 2001-09-12

NIFF Parsing now made easy

The NIFF parser, which has been incorporated into the new NIFF-to-XML converter, is flexible and adaptable for a wide variety of applications. Similar to SAX, it's event-driven and is both forward and backward compatible with different NIFF specifications.

In other news, yesterday, I was laid-off due to a decline of business at my employeer's. So I'm looking for work, which may impact work here. It is even possible that work may stop to prevent a conflict-of-interest. In the meantime, I will try to release the alpha version.... read more

Posted by Richard C. Penner II 2001-09-06

NIFF is Nifty

OK, the DixShtix-Midi project is about 6 months behind the scheduled posting. I've seen some interest in it, and continue to persue it.

Of some interest is work based on Helmholtz's theory of harmony, which explains why the major triad sound so nice near middle C, and other chords do not. I loaned out my translated copy of Helmholtz, but I have recreated many of the features of his graphs.

The NIFF parser suite is begining. Then comes text-to-NIFF applications. NIFF-to-MIDI and finally MIDI-to-NIFF.... read more

Posted by Richard C. Penner II 2001-08-31

Java Music Library kickoff

Following interest from San Diego, California to Toronto, Ontario, an early technology release has been previewed on our website http://dixshtix-midi.sourceforge.net/ .

Included is a MIDI/RMI file reader and the beginings of a digital synthesis audio laboratory.

Browse the documentation. Enjoy.
And when you are happy, or not, please take the planning survey.

http://sourceforge.net/survey/survey.php?group_id=8448&survey_id=10733... read more

Posted by Richard C. Penner II 2000-07-31

A Java-MIDI project

The DixShtix Java Music Library is being assembled for our early release. Please take our planning survey if you are intersted in this project.

I'm stuck in Denver Airport on a 8-hour unplanned layove with a laptop, so the beginings of useful code have been demoed to any interested passerby.

Posted by Richard C. Penner II 2000-07-25