multiple Avi`s

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    Is there a way to put more then one avi in on the dvd ?
    Just converted a movie and looks good.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes there is.  The method I've been using is by independently encoding the movies and then moving the VTS_01* files of the second movie to VTS_02* into the VIDEO_TS directory of the first movie and then running the "dvdauthor -T -o ..." on the first movie.

      If that's unclear..

      divxtodvd -i movie1.avi
      divxtodvd -i movie2.avi
      mv movie2.avi-DVD/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01.* movie1.avi-DVD/VIDEO_TS (this isnt correct but you get the gist)
      dvdauthor -T -o movie1.avi-DVD
      <burn it>

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      mv movie2.avi-DVD/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01.* movie1.avi-DVD/VIDEO_TS/VTS_02* (this isnt correct but you get the gist)

      and you can do this up to 99 titles.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok wil give it a try..

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok I moved the files to the /dvd1Video_ts/ structure and dit dvdauthor -t -o /dvd1
      Seems fine but when i do xine dvd:/dvd1/Video_ts/
      It only plays the first vob file
      Other question.. I see the vobs are decoded in NTSC i live in europe so we you use pal . Is there a way to change that ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      When you say first vob file do you mean just the VTS_01_1.VOB or the entire first title VTS_01*VOB?

      I've had trouble getting to titles other than the first and have resorted to playing the VOBs instead of loading it as a DVD. My DVD player to my tv supports navigating through titles which is why this method is good for me.

      For PAL dvds you need to change the source a bit. I'm pretty sure of the parameters that you need to change but not sure what to change them to.

      Look into:
      framerate (changing the 29.970 to 25?)
      search for "dvd-ntsc" and replace with "dvd-pal"
      change the size 720x480 to 720x576?

      I think that's it, but you'd still need to look into it.


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