#23 option to join avi files


I know that DivFix++ was written for fixing AVI files, but it would be very handy to be able to join avi files as well. You are obviously an expert regarding AVI containers and in this case it is probably not very complicated to implement this feature.


  • Death Knight®

    Death Knight® - 2009-04-04

    Joining AVI files is generate problem sometimes. Users could wanted to be join XVID and X264 movies together. In these scenarios, it need re-encoding. And this software not designed such process. Joining AVI files are handy but I do not thought on this process. It's look easy for first (if codecs are same) but has potential to generate problems in code.
    I don't discard this request. Might be good property for future versions. But not for now. I think new codec support is better than joining AVI's for next version.

    THank yu for feedback.
    Best Regards, Erdem

  • Helmut K. C. Tessarek

    Hey Erdem,

    Thanks for replying so fast. I'm aware of the issues you described, but there is a easy way to circumvent these problems: joining is only allowed, if the movies have the same format. Everybody should be aware that joining different formats requires re-encoding, which is definitely not the major aspect of your program.
    I'd be happy to help, but I need some information on the AVI container layout. Can you send me some links or hints how to get to know that stuff?

    If you download movies it could be that they are split and in this case the format is the same. It would be very convenient to have the possibility to fix and join a set of files in one step.
    If the format should be - for what reason ever - not the same, joining fails with a message that the files have to be the same format.


  • Death Knight®

    Death Knight® - 2009-04-04

    Hi Helmut,
    On joining avi files, there are zillion programs do same thing. Addition of that feature is not complicated. So thats why I leave this request open. I will do later.

    If you want to learn how AVI container format, than you needed to check out links at bottom of the Support page ( http://divfixpp.sourceforge.net/support.php )

    Yes, you are right. DivFix++ join AVI file sections in same movie. Not from different files. I think it takes ~30 - 50 lines of code that cares join operation... You can make it in couple hour after understand Riff format and DivFix++ work style. Sorry for no documentation about how program works. But I think function names helps. I added lots of comment line to code too. :)

    But I were you (a man with lots of free time), I try to understand ASF or better, MKV (matroska) format. I planning to add ASF(WMV) and later the ultimate MKV support.

    I trying to start-up company here. I spare lots of time for map synchronization. (Trying to do like navigator program) So DivFix++ development is paused for a while... :)

  • Helmut K. C. Tessarek

    Hi Erdem,
    I will check out the links in the support section. I hope that I get to it soon, because I actually don't really have much spare time right now. Anyway, I will try to check it out.

    Btw, if you have to pause your project for a while it would be probably a good idea to realease a new version. 0.31 is still rev 16 in svn, which is fairly old and there were quite some changes since then.

    Thanks for your support and I wish you luck with your company.


  • Death Knight®

    Death Knight® - 2009-04-05

    There is some problem about joining. For example, two movies with same codec (like xvid) but different resolutions and even different codec versions will generate some failure. Audio codec stream has to be match too. Even in type and bit stream speed. You have to check that informations for successful joining.

    I needed to release new version but HEAD svn has error. Program is unstable because of multi partitioned AVI files. I have to write new check mechanism to detect index section. And I want to remove log file location but not wanted to touch whole GUI design...

    But first, I have to go custom and quest why my engineering sample has held and try to recover it from custom service...


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