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DIVA-GIS in Java

DIVA-GIS is being re-written in Java at CIP ( with major support from the Challenge Program Generation ( See also the new DIVA-GIS homepage at
It it is based on the Eclipse RCP framework using the GIS platform udig developed by Refractions (

Posted by Reinhard Simon 2006-04-14

DIVA-GIS for biodiversity analysis

DIVA-GIS is a geographical information system to analyze plant biodiversity data. It was developed at the International Potato Center (CIP, Lima, Peru) to help curate it's genebank data; additional support was subsequently obtained from IPGRI.

It can also be used as a simple GIS viewer for most common GIS data-file formats.

The stable Windows version 3.0 (developed in Delphi) is available from Sourceforge at: read more

Posted by Reinhard Simon 2005-01-04