Export clips - order reversed

  • Drakon Getes

    Drakon Getes - 2012-05-10

    I have been using ditto for a year or so, and I think it is a great

    Recently I re-installed windows (and before doing so, I exported all my clips
    to a ditto *.dto file).

    But with my new installation, I cannot get the old ditto.db file to be

    So I decided to import my clips from the *dto file I had saved.

    Unfortunately, I am encountering an problem with the order in which the clips
    are being imported.
    Here is what I mean:

    ** Clip 6 - May 2012**

    Clip 1 - Jan 2011
    Clip 2 - Feb 2011
    Clip 3 - Mar 2011
    Clip 4 - Apr 2011
    Clip 5 - Dec 2011

    and so on. (Clip 1 to clip 5 are the imported clips).

    but when copy a new clip (Clip 6 - May 2012) to the clip board, it should
    got AFTER the Clip 5.
    However, it get added BEFORE the clip 1.
    I have tried to change the sort order before adding the new clip, but that
    makes no difference.
    Also look in the forum, but could not see anyone having had that problem.

    Anyone having some idea how I might solve this problem?
    thanks very much in advance!

  • Maloney

    Maloney - 2012-05-16


    fixed, this will reimport the clips in the same order they were exported

  • Drakon Getes

    Drakon Getes - 2012-05-17

    great, that worked. Thanks very much sabrogden!


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