asyncoro updated

Yet another update to dispy-3.2: Earlier, channels are added to asyncoro, so coroutines can send/receive messages over channels. Now channels have 'deliver' method that waits until at least 'n' coroutines can receive the message. With this, sender is guaranteed a message is delivered to at least 'n' receivers.

Channels are not (yet) documented in the HTML page, but documented in the code - I am still experimenting with channels. In addition, I am thinking of extending asyncoro for distributed programming, so messages can be exchanged not just within a single instance of asyncoro, but also with other asyncoro instances over network. At some point in future, this can be extended to execute distribute coroutines, monitor them, etc., to facilitate distributed, fault-tolerant coroutines/applications. Thus, distributed asyncoro will be generalization of most of the features of dispy.

Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-06-02

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