Version 1.3 (testing)

  • There is a new release in 'testing', version 1.3. This uses asynchronous I/O,
    coroutines instead of threads to handle multiple connections. Asynchronous I/O
    is meant for scaling dispy to handle large number of processors. Coroutines
    are apparently not as efficient as threads, but don't have some drawbacks of
    threads (in Python). I am not sure if at some point coroutines will be
    replaced with threads.

    I have tested 1.3 minimally with Linux and OS X. It "should" work with
    Windows, but needs testing. If you use it Windows, let me know if it works or
    not. Once it is tested throughly, I will release 1.4 as normal (non-testing)

  • I have noticed too many issues with this release and it is not fit for even
    testing. I will release 1.3 again after fixing and further testing. In the
    meantime, please use 1.2 release. If you are interested in progress of 1.3
    release, you can follow svn commit logs/changes to 'coro' branch.