DisPlex is another Micro Program that I have put together to meet a niche that I think needs to be filled. Also, while I like the new AppIndicators used in Ubuntu, the same problem exists.... I get far too many icons / info in my bar and I really want a way to minimize what is visible. Well, to that end, I have chosen to integrate several of the display settings into one menu item:

* Gnome Display Settings
* Screen Rotation through Xrandr
* Compiz Compositing
* Metacity Compositing (I know... who uses it... )
* Disper (a new control interface for NVIDIA cards... I can use some help here if there is a volunteer... I don't have an NVIDIA card and I don't presently have multiple monitors). It also offers basic xrandr support. If it is installed, a menu item will show for it.
* Emerald
* Window Decorators (GTK / Emerald)

As the project developer, I would appreciate anyone that is wanting to contribute to this project. Especially a developer. My job takes me away from the "real world" for long periods sometimes, so if there are bugs, I cannot promise an immediate response.

As for programmer... you don't have to be a stud or even very experienced. I just want you to have a little python experience and willing to plug at a problem until the solution is found.

Someone with icon/theme experience would be helpful also. While I understand the basics of themes; I am having problem integrating a AppIndicator that will work in the Indicator Area that is Dark / Light theme compliant and is aestetically good.



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