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AppIndicator Icon for display controls


DisPlex is another Micro Program that I have put together to meet a niche that I think needs to be filled. Also, while I like the new AppIndicators used in Ubuntu, the same problem exists.... I get far too many icons / info in my bar and I really want a way to minimize what is visible. Well, to that end, I have chosen to integrate several of the display settings into one menu item:

  • Gnome Display Settings
  • Screen Rotation through Xrandr
  • Compiz Compositing
  • Metacity Compositing (I know... who uses it... )
  • Emerald Theme Manager
  • Compiz Configuration Settings Manager (CCSM)
  • Window Decorators (GTK / Emerald)
  • Disper (a new control interface for NVIDIA cards... I can use some help here if there is a volunteer... I don't have an NVIDIA card and I don't presently have multiple monitors). (New in V.0.3)
  • Enhanced extend desktop menu to allow selection of screen extended onto (New in V.0.5)
  • AcerHK support - A simple interface to activate/deactivate the wifi and bluetooth radios. Depends on acerhk.ko to be installed and active. If you know you need that driver but can't get it functioning, you can install my other project (acerhkgui: https://sourceforge.net/projects/acerhkgui )(New in V. 0.4)
  • Desktop Settings menu to control Icons on Desktop, Wallpaper shown/hidden, and active/deactivate screensaver. (new in V.0.5)

If not visible, see v 0.2 download for .png
*Version 0.2 Screenshot

As the project developer, I would appreciate anyone that is wanting to contribute to this project. Especially a developer. My job takes me away from the "real world" for long periods sometimes, so if there are bugs, I cannot promise an immediate response.

As for programmer... you don't have to be a stud or even very experienced. I just want you to have a little python experience and willing to plug at a problem until the solution is found.

Someone with icon/theme experience would be helpful also. If there are particular requests for certain Icons in certain themes, then please send me details of the theme and icon.