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DisplayCAL 3.3.5 released

This is a maintenance/bugfix release.

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.3.5

Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-10-18

DisplayCAL (Linux/Mac OS X only) released

Fixed in this release:

  • Linux (profile installation and profile loading): Getting the fallback
    XrandR display device ID could unexpectedly return no result in some
    cases due to incorrect parsing, leading to potential application of a
    stale device to profile mapping or no profile at all (regression of
    SVN revision r4800).
  • Linux, Mac OS X: The visual whitepoint editor was failing to update
    the test pattern area of a connected madTPG instance when madVR was
    selected as display device, due to an implementation bug related to
    setting the background color.
Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-09-13

DisplayCAL 3.3.4 released

DisplayCAL 3.3.4 has been released. This is a maintenance/bugfix release.

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.3.4

Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-09-09

DisplayCAL 3.3.3 released

This is a maintenance/bugfix release.

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.3.3

Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-08-08

DisplayCAL 3.3.2 released

This is a bugfix/maintenance release.

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.3.2

Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-06-29

DisplayCAL 3.3.1 released

This is a bugfix release:

Fixed unhandled exception if using CIECAM02 gamut mapping when creating XYZ LUT profiles from regular spaced grid patch sets with the alternate forward profiling method introduced in DisplayCAL 3.3.

Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-06-04

DisplayCAL 3.3 released

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just released DisplayCAL 3.3.


  • Better multi CPU/multi core support and overall speed enhancement due to smaller default patch sets using an alternate forward profiling method.
  • Calibration whitepoint targets other than “As measured” will now also be used as 3D LUT whitepoint target, allowing the use of the visual whitepoint editor to set a custom whitepoint target for 3D LUTs.
  • The visual whitepoint editor is now compatible with Chromecast, Web @ localhost, madVR, Prisma and Resolve pattern generators.
  • Automatic output levels detection, and manual output levels selection as an advanced option.
  • New experimental profiling patch sequence advanced options.
  • Profile loader (Windows): Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility.... read more
Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-05-30

DisplayCAL 3.2.4 releasaed

This is a bugfix/maintenance release.

Also added has been a korean translation thanks to 김환(Howard Kim).

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.2.4

Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-02-19

DisplayCAL 3.2.3 releasaed

This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

Fixed: When querying online colorimeter corrections database, limit to matching display manufacturer, not only model.
Fixed: Profile loader (Windows) unhandled exception if no profile assigned to display. Regression of a change made in DisplayCAL 3.2.1.

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.2.3

Posted by Florian Hoech 2017-01-04

DisplayCAL 3.2.2 released

This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.2.2

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-12-13

DisplayCAL 3.2.1 releasaed

This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

Full changelog: https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.2.1

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-11-25

DisplayCAL 3.2 releasaed

I'm happy to announce that DisplayCAL 3.2 has been released. This is a major update.


  • Visual whitepoint editor. This allows visually adjusting the whitepoint on display devices that lack hardware controls as well as match several displays to one another (or a reference).
  • Menu overhaul. Menus are now better organized using categorized sub-menus and some menu items have been moved to more appropriate locations.
  • Better curves + matrix profiles as well as faster computation of XYZ LUT + matrix profiles
  • Profile loader (Windows): Replaced “Open Windows color management settings...” pop-up menu item with own “Profile associations...” implementation. This should work better with multi-display configurations than what Windows has to offer.... read more
Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-11-19

DisplayCAL 0install Setup (Windows) breakage fix

The code-signed DisplayCAL-0install-Setup executables released on October 21, 2016 and available until October 24, 2016 15:25 (CEST) had a problem with mismatching feed URLs (due to the unintended use of HTTPS) and thus breaking the install. If you downloaded one of these affected setup executables, please uninstall and re-download.

File sizes and MD5 checksums of the new, fixed setup executables:

File name File size MD5
DisplayCAL-0install-Setup.exe 1.551.304 Bytes 08B2F73EB35390B4A1778441719F8194
DisplayCAL-0install-Setup-per-user.exe 974.024 Bytes DB650541D28F0AEFCDEB37673B5C2B8B
Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-10-25

DisplayCAL (Linux) releasaed

This release fixes a regression in the profile loader when oyranos-monitor is present on the system as well as the install-standalone-tools-icons 0install command that was broken since the 3.1 release.

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-10-24

DisplayCAL (Windows) releasaed

Like, this is a Windows-only maintenance release that fixes the
possibility of the profile loader loosing user-defined exceptions under
some circumstances, as well as re-introduces toggling "load calibration
on login" from within the profile installation dialog actually affecting
the profile loader.

Furthermore, the application executables are now digitally signed.

See the full changelog at https://displaycal.net/#changelog- for

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-10-21

DisplayCAL (Windows) releasaed

This update fixes a problem with the "reset video card gamma table" functionality of the profile loader in a multi-display configuration under Windows.

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-10-18

DisplayCAL 3.1.7 releasaed

This release features much easier Argyll CMS instrument driver installation under Windows - no need to (temporarily) disable driver signature enforcement for Windows 8/8.1/10 anymore. Furthermore, the Windows profile loader now offers a way to define exceptions. Also included in this release are minor changes as well as fixes.

See the full changelog at https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.1.7 for details.... read more

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-10-04

DisplayCAL 3.1.6 releasaed

DisplayCAL 3.1.6 has been released.

This release brings HDR 3D LUT improvements as well as fixes.

Full changelog: http://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.1.6


Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-08-25

DisplayCAL 3.1.5 released

This release brings HDR 3D LUT improvements.

Full changelog: http://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.1.5


Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-08-03

DisplayCAL 3.1.4 released

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-07-11

DisplayCAL released

This is a quick update for 3.1.3 that fixes a few minor quirks.

Full changelog: http://displaycal.net/#changelog-

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-04-11

DisplayCAL 3.1.3 released

This is a maintenance release for 3.1.

Full changelog: http://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.1.3

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-04-09

DisplayCAL 3.1.1 released

This is a bugfix/maintenance release for 3.1.

Full changelog: http://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.1.1

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-02-29

DisplayCAL 3.1 released

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-02-01

dispcalGUI released

dispcalGUI is a bugfix release.

  • Fixed traceback after first run on some configurations.

More information & download: http://dispcalgui.hoech.net/

Posted by Florian Hoech 2016-01-11