Spyder 2 - baffle/filter or no baffle when measuring LCDs?

  • davolfman

    davolfman - 2013-11-02

    The Spyder 2 (pro I think in my case, it wasn't the Colorplus successor) comes with a baffle and color filter that's added in front of the sensor when measuring LCDs. (I'm guessing it's meant to prevent some negative interaction between the pass of the measurement filters and the pass of the screen's color filters.) Are we supposed to use it when calibrating and profiling on an LCD in dispcalGUI? The filter's a green shade and I'm showing a definite high green measurement in the Interactive display adjustment.

  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2013-11-02

    I know only the info from datacolor, which indicates that it should be used for LCDs.