Creating Display ICC Profile with Create 3D Lut

  • Anonymous - 2014-02-23

    Hi there

    I wonder if there is a way to create an ICC profile the same way the 3D Lut Maker works. Basically I have a display ICC profile of my monitor and I want to apply a Rec709 conversion to it. When I do it thru the Create 3D Lut too it gives me the desire result, but I want to be able to get the result as an ICC profile I can load in my windows system.



  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2014-02-27

    There are some applications which support DeviceLink profiles (the ICC equivalent of a 3D LUT), e.g. Photoshop. The DeviceLink is created during 3D LUT creation and saved in the same folder as the 3D LUT (actually it is the source for the 3D LUT). It has an '.icc' or '.icm' extension just like a 'normal' device profile. You can not assign it in Windows though.

  • Anonymous - 2014-02-27

    Shut... I am in Windows. Any workarounds?

  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2014-02-28

    Not for whole desktop color correction no (but then again, you cannot have that with a 3D LUT also, unless you use an external LUT box). Just create a normal display profile, and use applications that make use of it.

  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2014-02-28

    Ok, provided you can apply a 3D LUT to imagery/video that should help for color correction of that particular material -- but then you could also use the 3D LUT facility in dispcalGUI to create the LUTs (except log to lin), or use Argyll's cctiff (or ImageMagick) to color convert images using profiles... Just throwing the idea out there :)


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