Creating a normal matrix icc from a swapped matrix icc

  • Anonymous - 2014-02-27


    I've profiled my display and selected the swapped matrix profile with the XYZ lut. I profiled using the massive test chart and don't really want to profile it again overnight if I don't have two.

    The problem is Chrome seems to be using the matrix, so a lot of images are inverted now :P

    Can a new matrix be created without re profiling?

  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2014-02-28


    if by "without re profiling" you mean without having to measure again, then yes. Select your desired profile parameters (e.g. XYZLUT + matrix), then go to menu options -> "Create profile from measurement data..." and choose the existing profile.

    By the way, if you are not in a hurry you may want to wait for me to release an updated snapshot of the current development version of dispcalGUI, it will have an interesting option for XYZ LUT profiles (not the matrix part though) that should improve the smoothness of the gamut mapping (and should even cut down on processing time for generating the profile). ETA is later today or tomorrow.

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-01

    Cool, I can wait :)

  • roadtonever

    roadtonever - 2014-03-01

    This is very timely for me, I've planned to do a XYZLUT profile tonight.


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