Computing of calibration curves takes forever

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-08


    I am running the GUI on Mavericks 10.9.2 using DELL 2412m. I made first a measurement and left almost everything default. I chose fast calibration. Unfortunatelly, after the calibration process, it doesnt give me an output. I am stucking in this window for half an hour:

    Is it normal that it takes very long or is it broken?


  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2014-03-08


    odd. Judging from the "instrument can be removed from screen" message, it should actually be finished, but it seems the dispcal process is hung. Can you send me a logfile of that run please? (see readme, "report a bug" for info on logfile location)

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-08

    I hope it helps:
    The last try was the mentioned one. I stopped the other ones or my screensaver did.

  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2014-03-08

    Thanks. I don't know what's wrong exactly unfortunately, just that dispcal seems to never exit after being finished. You can try bringing up OS X's activity monitor and forcefully shut down the dispcal process (you may need to choose "show all processes").

    [Actually, just closing the progress dialog should also work, but try the above as a last resort]

    Last edit: Florian Hoech 2014-03-08
  • Anonymous - 2014-03-10

    Ok this means that there should be somewhere the profile file? I frist try to stop the process and then killed it with the activity monitor.

  • Florian Hoech

    Florian Hoech - 2014-03-10

    I forgot, before killing the process, you have to go to the temporary directory shown in the log and copy any files, because these will be deleted if dispcal exits with a non-zero exit code.


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