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Dispatcher Release 0.1.10

The latest version of the runtime dynamic dispatcher has been released. This version has improved documentation as compared to the previous release, and has a more well-tested invoker implementation.

This release also includes an initial implementation of the strategized_map container to be developed into a generic object reference dispatch mechanism for future releases.

Posted by Dean Michael Berris 2006-10-18

Dispatcher Release 0.1.9

Recently, the Boost Dispatcher library has released version 0.1.9 which contains the following additions:

- support for homogeneous function registration
- an invoking mechanism for scheduling dispatcher invocations

This release also contains HTML documentation on the library design.

Posted by Dean Michael Berris 2006-07-13

Initial Release

As of the time of writing, the initial release of the Dispatch library is now available from either the Files section or -- this is version 0.1 and contains the basic runtime dispatcher mechanism.

This requires the Boost C++ Library ( ) version 1.33 be available during compile/link time of the application that uses the Dispatch library.

Posted by Dean Michael Berris 2006-06-12

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