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Version 0.45 released

Restructured the interface. Fixed the misaligned y-axis labels. Added some default random read tests.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-10-04

New version 0.44

History panel now has a toolbar to move/reset/delete items.
Colour selector moved to control panel.
Check the release log for all changes.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-10-02

New version 0.43

This version includes a new panel. This panel replaces the old pop-up menu which was used to show/hide panels. This version also fixes a rare "read error" on windows systems by aligning reads. This alignment can be manipulated in the advanced control panel.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-09-30

New version 0.42

Partition/disk list is now sorted.
Pressing "New" now inserts above the selected item instead of always inserting at the top of the history list.
Removed (unnecessary/confusing) check boxes from controller panel.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-09-29

New screenshots available

5 new screenshots is available on the project web site featuring version 0.41 including a screenshot with all panels enabled.


Posted by Korkskruv 2009-09-23

0.41 Released

Added colour legends to history panel. Also added a new pop-up menu to move/delete/reset each history item.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-09-20

Version 0.40 released

This version add colours to the graph.
It also fixes some minor bugs.

Next version should add some advanced handling of history items such as deleting them or resetting them.

I noticed that under certain circumstances you could get a read error. This is probably caused by the program aligning reads to 512 byte instead of file system block size. This will be fixed in a future release.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-09-18

Version 0.39 released.

This version adds a new history feature.
This is a pre-release for 0.40. Version 0.40 will improve the new history feature by adding multiple curve colours.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-09-15

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