discord status and future

I've added a few new features to discord without doing a release.

The code in subversion has support for multiple waveforms in addition to sin (triangle, square, saw, reverse-saw, half-saw, reverse half-saw, and their smoothed counterparts).
I haven't found these other wave styles particularly useful, but they are there now, so they'll remain.

Multiple soundstreams within the same file, instead of using listfiles -l to create them.

Default configurations for part of the voices, not yet complete, and line wrapping.

--auto_volume and --max_volume options to specify volume levels.

A spin voice using FFT. This is almost working, but I can't seem to get the effect to work properly for about 60 degrees in front.

All of these are backward compatible with existing configuration files, they just add to and extend the existing format.

At some some point, I will probably complete the features, spend the time to update all the documentation, and make another release. But it isn't imminent. I'm currently using the latest version checked into subversion and it is working fine, but my use can't possibly be exhaustive for a protocol as complicated as that for discord has become.

For the most part, discord is a finished product in terms of what it does. I might, when I consider it stabilized, write a gui in python and wxpython for the program as a separate standalone project. My two other projects use this format, so it would be a natural.

Just a quick update.

Posted by stan 2010-03-06

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