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libsndfile and FLAC problem for discord

The latest version of libFLAC (actually any version >= 1.1.3) has an altered API. The current version of libsndfile (1.1.17) will not work with this API. Erik has a beta versions of libsndfile on his website at: that hacks the FLAC library and adds statically the FLAC functionality he uses. Fedora will not use this for security reasons. I have submitted a patch to Fedora to upgrade libsndfile 1.1.17 so that it will work with libFLAC from 1.1.1 to 1.2.1. This new version of libsndfile has not been released yet. The patches are here if you want to apply them:

One patch is for the GNU autotools and one for the source. You might have to tweak the GNU autotools patch depending on which version of them you are using. Run autoreconf after the patch is applied in the top level directory and see if any warnings or errors are generated.

You can read the whole soap opera in the bugzilla record if you are interested. :-)

Posted by stan 2007-10-09

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