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Discontinuity discontinued

Some time ago, I started the Discontinuity project, a program to help making animations in POV-Ray with key-frames. Unfortunately, at the time I did not receive too much support, and the project did not get too far off the ground. I also haven’t had time myself to work on it. I realized that I should officially discontinue the project.
However, there are other solutions for making animations in POV-Ray. For example, take a look at http://www.geocities.com/ccolefax/clockmod.html. On this website, you can download the Automatic Clock Modifier Macro file which has an easy syntax to embed key-frame animation directly into a POV-Ray source file.
If anyone is still interested in taking up this project, feel free to contact me.

Posted by Shalom Naumann 2007-04-12

Discontinuity Animation System Ready for Development

Discontinuity is a tool written in Java to help make non-linear animations using the POV-Ray raytracer. The project is now looking for developers and other team members to help transform it from its current half-formed state into a user-friendly, powerful program.

Quite some time ago, I started working on Discontinuity to help ease the cumbersome efforts required to hand-code a POV-Ray animation. Unfortunately, I no longer have time to work on the project. I have, therefore, put it up on Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/) in the hope that others will take up this worthwhile project.... read more

Posted by Shalom Naumann 2004-05-28

First release of Discontinuity

Discontinuity, a tool to help make animations with the POV-Ray raytracer (http://www.povray.org/), has finally had its first release. The first release is meant to give a taste of what Discontinuity will eventually do.

POV-Ray, a powerful tool for making stunning 3D graphics, has always had the capability of creating animations. However, the process was always combersome and difficult. In an effort to make it easier, I started writing a keyframe-based program to ease the process.... read more

Posted by Shalom Naumann 2004-02-19

Discontinuity first release and web site coming soon

The first release and web site of Discontinuity are on there way! I haven't had much time to get it up and going, but the web site is about half-way done and the code is in releaseable form. I had been busy editting the comments of the code (including full Javadoc), but I decided that I should release the current version, even with its bad comments. This is so that people can have a look at it, though it isn't fun to program with its current comments. Keep an eye on http://discontinuity.sourceforge.net/, though there's nothing there yet.

Posted by Shalom Naumann 2004-02-13

Discontinuity has been registered

I started writing discontinuity, a program to help create animations in POV-Ray, a while ago, and I never finished it. So I decided to submit it to Sourceforge where other open source developers can work on it. I need to clean up the code a bit, create a web site, etc., but it shouldn't take me too long to do that.

POV-Ray, a raytracer which can create stunning, photo-realistic images, does have some support for creating animations, but its quite difficult to create anything more than a simple spinning object. Discontinuity provides a graphical interface to design an animation with keyframes and variable substitution to help generate the code necessary to animate a POV-Ray scene. ... read more

Posted by Shalom Naumann 2004-01-06

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