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Project Update 10/25/2001

I would just like to let everyone know that new files have been added to the project. I have uploaded a new copy of the resource desktop application, SQL script and components.

Posted by Joe Gilkey 2001-10-25

Initial database design

Initial database design has been completed.
Following documents are available under "Docs" link in the Database group:
1. Logical data model diagram;
2. Physical data model diagram;
3. Script on database create for MySQL;
4. Script on database create for MS SQL Server 2000;
5. Test data for MySQL;
6. Test data for MS SQL Server 2000.

Posted by Vitaliy Fursov 2001-10-19

Message to members

I am writing to everyone to thank you for you interest.  This application is something that I have wanted to do for a while, and now it is something that is needed very badly.  The basis of this application is to aid in the management of resources \(people, vehicles and equipment\) at the scene of a disaster.  This is intended for larger scale incidents where there is a dedicated command post that is separate from the incident scene.  Currently, the management of resources is done by hand, and individually by the various agencies responding.  Problems occur when non-professionals are needed, such as volunteers or contractors.  The goal is to keep track of the availability and location of both professional and non-professional responders, vehicles and equipment.  A simpler way of thinking about it is a mix of a contact management system and an inventory control system.  The contacts are the inventory, and we always need to know where they are.
There are several challenges that this software faces.  The biggest challenge is the fact that there are no lines of communication from the incident site to the command center.  The only communications are through voice radio channels.  This system has been designed to be used with a new, portable communication system from Motorola.  This system called ReadySET uses a microwave radio link to provide voice and data communications up to 30kM.  This system is now under a GSA contract, which makes is available to government and local agencies.  Initially, this software will support TCP/IP connections based on the ReadySET system.  Once the software is completed and tested, I am planning on adding support for radio modems, so that agencies that do not have the funding to buy the ReadySET system can still use this software.
I have been asked by several people why I chose to write the software as an open source project.  I am doing this for several reasons, mainly financial.  I, as a software developer do not have the financial resources to develop this application in a timely manner privately.  I also feel that the software can be completed quicker this way.  Finally, I believe that anyone that can benefit from this software should not have to pay for it.
So far, several people have requested information and/or signed up to be a part of this project.  There are three applications, and the database.  The three applications are the server, desktop and the remote terminal.  I have started both the server and desktop.  I have concentrated on the data modules for both of these.  The data module for the desktop application will be shared with the remote terminal to keep the connection to the server consistent.  So far, a connection can be established and data can be retrieved from the server.  Writing data back to the server has not been completed yet, but should be done by the end of this week.  I have also created several base classes, and blank forms that should be used.  These include search and entry forms for all three data types. What needs to be done now is the GUI for the desktop and remote terminal.  I am also looking for someone to create the database.  Anyone that would like to do these, please tell me.  I am encouraging anyone that would like to work on this project to help, no matter what the skill level.... [read more](/p/disastersys/news/2001/10/message-to-members/)
Posted by Joe Gilkey 2001-10-15

IBObjects Info

IBObjects will be used to connect to the database. All delphi developers need to get a copy of these components. If you could, please read over the trustware ("freeware") license at http://www.ibobjects.com. If you agree to the license, you can email Jason Wharton at jwharton@ibobjects.com. He will tell you how to get a copy. Please tell him it is for the disastersys project on sourceforge.

Posted by Joe Gilkey 2001-10-12

Disaster Management System planning has begun!

The initial design and planning for the Disaster Management System has begun. This system is designed to help emergency managers and responders manage the various resources during an incident. This is a great improvement over the current paper based system. Anyone interested can join the project at http://sourceforge.net/projects/disastersys.

Posted by Joe Gilkey 2001-10-09