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DirectoryStorage version 1.1.17 has been released. Now including support for Zope 3.

Posted by Toby Dickenson 2006-01-04


I have released version 1.1.3, containing some minor fixes and tidying up. All these changes have been languishing in cvs for a while.

Nothing critical this time round. Anyone using 1.1.2 need not upgrade.

Posted by Toby Dickenson 2003-08-19


Version 1.1.0. has been released, quickly followed by 1.1.1.

The main new feature in the 1.1 series is storage replication. Efficiently and robustly keep an online backup copy of your storage up to date with the latest changes from the master.

1.1.1 fixes a bug preventing the import of data from another storage using a copyTransactionsFrom script.

Posted by Toby Dickenson 2003-04-14

First 'stable' release

No changes since beta 2. Version 1.0.0 is now available from

Posted by Toby Dickenson 2003-01-12