Zeos patch

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have found the documentation for the Zeos Patch a  little sketchy and don't understand what I really need to do.

    I have downloaded the zeos package as installed it.  i understand that I have to patch the zeos package then recomplile and install the components.

    Step 3:

    3) copy the files on \dbase\ directory attached and override whatever is there

    copy where?

    4) copy the mysql objects in the \dbase\ directory - including zlib directory and its content

    copy where?

    i am confused ...

    • uindex

      uindex - 2006-09-27

      your present seems you have download ZeosMysql,Not DirectSQL.

      DirectSql Need Not Install,it works as library,you can add all directsql files(.pas) to your project and directsql works!

      yours ZengJun


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