Problem with delphi packages / Direct Mysql

  • DonGato

    DonGato - 2006-07-04

    I have a projet with 2 packages.
    Package 1 has form1 and uses direct mysql.
    Package 1 has form2 and also uses direct mysql.
    After I load form1 from package1, I couldn't load form2 from package 2 because I receive this error message: "Cannot load package 'package2'. It contains unit 'uMysqlHelpers' wich is also contained in package 'package1'".
    If I first try to unload package1 and form1 is still running, I receive a memory error.
    What can I do? Thanks for reading this. Sorry if my english is too bad.

    • DonGato

      DonGato - 2006-07-08

      SOLVED. Thanks.


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