New multi-format DirectShow reader filter

  • Andrey Okunev

    Andrey Okunev - 2013-12-06

    We'll be releasing a new FFmpeg-based universal source filter, that is designed to replace all readers, splitters and decoders in a graph, thus making it simple and much easier to maintain.

    Would anybody be willing to try it out and give us some feedback?

    More info:

    • Eric

      Eric - 2013-12-09

      It's nice to release that but I see one MAJOR drawback: FFmpeg is licensed as LGPL or GPL (if you compile it with useful codecs like X.264). This mean that your filter must also be released with the same license and the code must be open-sourced... That's also true for applications that use your filter.

      This is the primary reason why I don't like GPL.

  • Andrey Okunev

    Andrey Okunev - 2013-12-24

    Eric, thanks for your feedback. As they say, this is not legal advice, but LGPL allows us to link an LGPL build of FFmpeg with a closed source product:

    Similarly, it allows you to use our filter in your application regardless of how it is distributed or licensed. I know of at least two other commercial products that use LGPL builds of FFmpeg:

    Yes, x264 is published under GPL, so we can't use it. But its only an encoder, so we don't need it in this filter anyway. We are fine with the LGPL parts plus some of our own technology (MXF & LXF).

    The filter is now live, can be downloaded and tested:

    Last edit: Andrey Okunev 2013-12-24
    • Eric

      Eric - 2014-01-13

      Thanks for your answer.

      Does DxVA acceleration is available to your filter? My understanding of ffmpeg is that it is fully software implemented (but I can be wrong).

  • Andrey Okunev

    Andrey Okunev - 2014-01-15

    You are right, our solution is CPU-based right now. We may be adding GPU support (not DXVA) in the future, if our customers demand it. More about this in a recent discussion on doom9:


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